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Mobile MarketingThe plain fact of the matter is that people always read their text messages but find it easier to ignore emails for days if not longer. This is why mobile marketing is becoming so popular with businesses around the world. You instantly target your campaign and can hit over 1 billion people instantaneously, with confidence that they will see your message and most likely respond in a positive way – be it to visit your website, buy your product or download your mobile app.

Mobile marketing has various streams of communication to take advantage of that allow businesses to optimize the reach of their online marketing strategies. Bulk SMS and MMS is the most popular option because of its instant effect, there is also USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), bluetooth and wireless and of course the social media aspect.

Our team of professionals here at Kadabra has the know-how to take the endless opportunities presented by mobile marketing and make it work for your business in ways that will increase your brand visibility and in turn your profit margin. We take no prisoners where mobile marketing is concerned and develop winning strategies that enhance your viability and competitive edge in an ever-changing and ever-growing market.

Why choose mobile marketing with Kadabra?

  • Your marketing campaigns will be in the hands of seasoned professionals.
  • Feeds are easy to execute and will reach masses of existing and potential clients within seconds.
  • Costs are much lower compared to regular forms of marketing and reach a broader base.
  • Delivery is almost always guaranteed. People don’t always read their emails and postage doesn’t always reach the intended recipients; with mobile marketing you have a bigger chance of your message being seen.
  • You have mobility – your target market simply needs to own a mobile phone, no computer, television or radio is necessary.
  • The simplicity of mobile marketing means it can be easily shared, which means that your message can easily reach more people than your intended database through those people sharing it with others – all this at no cost to you!
  • We will track the results of your campaigns through downloads, click-throughs and opt-ins from clients to show how successful they’ve been.

Mobile marketing opens up a world of opportunity waiting to be had and Kadabra brings you even closer to achieving marketing landslides with our fully integrated mobile web design and mobile marketing services.

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